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Scene Names.

Finalied Scene Names (Summary coming when Untitled is done, don't wish to spoil anything)


Scene One – Opening Scene/Getting Ready For Work
Scene Two – Work Begins
Scene Three – Getting Ready For The Rave
Scene Four – Meeting The Troops/Candy Raver
Scene Five – Shake, Shake, Shake Down Buchannan Street
Scene Six – Mayhem In The Kitchen
Scene Seven – Clocking In, Shopping About
Scene Eight – Homosexuals and Booze
Scene Nine – Sunday Night: Richard and Mullets
Scene Ten – Monday Morning: ‘The Morning After’ Factor
Scene Eleven – Homosexual Karaoke and Lola
Scene Twelve – Crookston Neds and Pollok Hobos
Scene Thirteen – Amanda + Lola/Leanne, Geo and Tom
Scene Fourteen – A German in the House/Unexpected Party
Scene Fifteen – Morning/Cathouse/Richard’s Apartment
Scene Sixteen – Public Transport: Bastard/Charlotte, Koma/Worst Proposals Ever
Scene Seventeen – Charlotte Addicts and Amanda’s Hormones
Scene Eighteen – Shannon’s Big Mistake/A Tower of Cheese
Scene Nineteen – Artists, Bad Catchphrases and Day-time TV
Scene Twenty – Apologies and Gay Dancers
Scene Twenty-One – Embarrassing Coffee Jingles/Amanda Vs French Chicks
Scene Twenty-Two – Cats, Revelations and Ross’ Contemplating Plastic Surgery
Scene Twenty-Three – The Toon at 5 in the Morning
Scene Twenty-Four – A Night to Remember
Scene Twenty-Five – Home Coming/Paintings on the Wall/The very last MOCA BOMB?
Scene Twenty-Six – Tea is for Guests
Scene Twenty-Seven – Chinese-Take-Away Pig Out Food Fest
Scene Twenty-Eight – Art Presentations/The House of a Frenchman
Scene Twenty-Nine – The Wrath of Shannon/Tom’s Big Secret
Scene Thirty – Amanda’s Suspicions/Koma’s Proposition
Scene Thirty-One – The Move-Out
Scene Thirty-Two – Critical Art/3 French Room-Mates
Scene Thirty-Three – Coffee, True Love and a “Good Shag”
Scene Thirty-Four – The Review/Babysitting/Bisexual Phone-Call
Scene Thirty-Five – Radio, Suspicions and Investigations
Scene Thirty-Six – What Is Love? / Amanda Gets Her ‘Groove’ Back!
Scene Thirty-Seven – The Second Encounter and the Ex-Stoner’s Cupboard
Scene Thirty-Eight – Never Confuse Coriander
Scene Thirty-Nine – To Love a Bisexual Crocodile
Scene Forty – The Revenge of the MOCA BOMB
Scene Forty-One – Visiting French People
Scene Forty-Two – Disco Inferno (70’s Night)
Scene Forty-Three – The Truth Hurts
Scene Forty-Four – Bisexual Apologies, Homosexual Feelings
Scene Forty-Five – Noodle Snack! Aka: Come Again?
Scene Forty-Six – Pregnant Entrapment
Scene Forty-Seven – The Last Days of Disco (80’s Night/Gay Bar Finale)
Scene Forty-Eight – Love Works in Mysterious Ways
Scene Forty-Nine - "Whoops"
Scene Fifty - The 9th Life of the Cathouse
Scene Fifty-One - The End of an Era
Scene Fifty-Two - In The Beginning (Closing Scene/Epilogue of Events)

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