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Untitled - The Geo Version

Progress is coming along nicely (hears objecting cough from Shev in the background) ahem. Nonetheless, planning of all sorts has come to a complete halt and all that has to be done is the scanning of the Production for continuity errors, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and correcting them as appropriate. I am also making sure that enough of the next two Chapters in the Untitled Trilogy are foreshadowed enough so that when it comes time for us to see such characters as Lob and Weroc we do not think "hey, where did they come from?", well they came from Germany and France but that is not the point. In short, Untitled should be ready for next month but an actual date cannot be confirmed at this point as every time I seem to do that with anything it never happens. Ho-hum.

Untitled 2 - The Early Years (aka: The Years of LOL and MEW)

Currently in 3rd process of planning in which ideas from both the first and second drafts are considered, messed around with and discussed with my team of executives (Sir Phil McCrackin of the non-existent board of executives here at SLGB Productions Studios, Maryhill). So far many scenes have been planned and as the timeline of U2TEY is a little disruptive, extra care is being taken.

Untitled 3 - So Long & Thanks For All The Cheese

Still in heavy planning stages, nearly on the second draft of planning and song choosing.

Untitled the Musical - "There Is A Moca Bomb In My Soup"

This is never going to happen. Seriously.

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